How I Got 20 points on a Bugcrowd private program.

Abhishek Morla
2 min readMar 13, 2021

Hey its me abhishekmorla , back again with another post regarding Subdomain Takeover.

i came across a private program in bugcrowd.
The scope was *

So,I quickly open up the tool: and paste the
above site “”

It starts enumerating the subdomains and checking weather it is
possible to takeover that particular subdomain or not.
I got the output as shown in below image:


Seems like is an alias for”

For the confirmation I open up the subdomain in my browser and it was

“ The requested URL was not found on this server. “


For more i open up the terminal and type :


and the outputs are:

“ is an alias for has address 1x.1xx.xx.xx7 has address 3.x.xx7.xx8 “

“ (3.x.xx7.xx8)”

that’s enough POC for the reporting.


Thanks For Reading!

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